Womentum Now

Each Wednesday we collectively amplify the voice of women here. And we select one unsuspecting, outstanding woman to amplify as well.

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On Wednesdays We Amplify each other on Social Media

From morning until night, we shine a light on each other.

Deliberately & Collectively

Everyone here will get attention that day. Everyone! Based on what social media preferences you have, you will be assigned to a small group (5-10) specific people to pour out positivity on.

With Powerful Compliments

Show confidence in each other's skills. Do colleagues overlook something in you that you see in other women? Here's a chance to praise that in other women. Let's show people how much we believe in each other.

New Woman Each Week

Each week we will nominate more amazing women and select one for all of us to praise on an upcoming Wednesday. Then we will invite her to join us.

Common Questions

How do I join?

Anyone can join in praising women online at anytime. And should. Right now you can join. Very soon We will be by invite only.

How will I know who to compliment?

Once per month you will receive your "women who wow" list. You will be expected to say something to each of them every Wednesday.

What do I say?

Nice things about her work. Or her in general if you know her personally. We want to focus on business skills primarily. Whatever she is focused on is what you should be encouraging and complimentary of.

Is there a hashtag? Do we tell others what we are doing?

No, let's not for now. And see what happens.